Civil Engineering


Civil Design

For residential, commercial and industrial subdivision projects Civil Made design the infrastructure we all depend on every day, such as sewer networks, water management and supply, gas and electricity reticulation, telecommunication, and road and drainage works.

Our team understands the various needs of different stakeholders, including land surveyors, utility service providers, councils and construction companies.

Civil engineering designs and documentation are an essential part of your project not only for a successful and safe project completion but for council permits and approvals. The documentation can include feasibility assessments, stormwater management plans, water and sewer connections, earthworks, flood assessments and more.

We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure all project needs are met and civil designs are developed that lead to the best outcome for our clients.


Design approval

Civil Made will liaise with relevant authorities, such as water and gas authorities, road authorities, VicRoads and councils, and work through any requirements until designs are approved. This includes both local council permits and town planning permits.

The scope of civil works and requirements are different for every project and our team will first assess your project and advise on the required civil designs, plans and documentation, so you know from the start what the project plan will involve.


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