Our experienced civil engineers provide expert engineering services for residential, commercial, industrial and council projects. We specialise in planning land subdivisions (big and small) and designing infrastructure, such as sewers, water, gas, electricity, roads and drainage.

With a meticulous and thorough approach, we work on both big and small projects, from block subdivision for domestic projects through to medium density land subdivision for small and large developments.

This includes providing the services for land subdivision, permit planning and acquisition, civil engineering and construction project management.

Our team delivers more than just civil engineering services, we’re also expert at end-to-end construction project management (from start to finish on projects we have designed).

We listen to and understand our clients needs, and our attention to detail helps us develop solutions for our clients that are cost-effective and meet all needs.

Why Civil Made?

We create cost effective solutions based on a thorough understand of each client’s specific needs.

We plan, design, coordinate, liaise, follow up, advise, budget, organise and project manage, if you need us to we can manage your whole project, not just the planning or design phase.

Our team of experienced engineers are driven to get the best outcome for our clients.

We have open and honest communication with our clients.

We have over 25 years’ combined experience in the team.


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